Your partner can learn to cook!

roast dinerAnyone can learn to cook, but sometimes you need to create the desire.

Do you have a burning passion and you want to explore how to turn this into a business?

That is what happened to me in March 2014. After going through yet another redundancy in 2013, I sat down with the hubby to discuss me setting up my own business.  We decided it was feasible and so I launch Rachael Chiverton Limited, a consultancy firm helping companies with cash flow through education and training in Credit Control Processes.

Now I had to find a way to raise my profile and let people know I had formed this amazing firm, so I joined 4Networking in March 2014. Initially things carried on as normal at home with the hubby just sorting his own tea out once a week as most of the meetings were breakfast.  However as I became more involved I realised there was an opportunity to launch evening networking meetings.

First I launched Wilmslow Evening (every other Monday night) and when this was successful I then launched Knutsford Evening (alternative week Wednesday night).

Now every week the other half had to cater for himself twice a week, so cheese sandwiches or a packet of crisps just didn’t cut the mustard any longer.  He has now learnt to cook, mostly fish but he will have potatoes and veg with it sometimes, other days it’s a jacket potato. His skills have been enhanced and he has developed as a person because of me setting up my own company. The next step will be not planning the meals for him!

Who can you help to develop by taking that set outside of comfort and setting up your own business?

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