What a week, 650+ Miles, loads of business and some family time too

650MilesWhat a fantastic week, thanks to #4NSeasideTour for the inspiration, along with my husband we had a week of business and family time mixed together.  As you can see, we did quite a lot of driving, 650 miles + since Monday 13th April.

We took in Bristol Clifton Evening 4Networking meeting, where I met up again with Steve Taylor, Dave Kitchen, Steve The Barman, Martyn Sloman, Karen Walker, and another 16 businesses. Dave Kitchen 2015-04-13 18.32.18gave his presentation on why things happen and made us all realise that things happen for a reason, even if it isn’t obvious at the time.  Don’t worry if you missed it as his presenting on Monday, April 20th at Wilmslow Evening, Click here to book your place.  Big thank you to Mad Gareth for hand delivering my new business cards in time for this meeting.

After this we headed to Weston Super Mare Seafront, for the first social aspect of the trip. It was supposed to be chips and beer at the beach, but ended up as beer in the hotel before a burger on the seafront. It was fabulous to add more people to growing group of travelling passporters, finding out more about each one & Dave Kitchen being amazed he didn’t know how much of a petrol head I was!

Tuesday breakfast was THE BIG ONE. 73 businesses all having breakfast, 20second introductory round, a fabulous 4Sight from Martin Gaunt and in my case 7 ten minute appointments, 4 after the meeting. Stunningly it ran to time and finished spot on 10am. There were so many people I wanted to talk to. So many people came up to me and said how great it w2015-04-14 07.44.24as to meet in person, I loved the atmosphere, the vibe and realising just how well known I have become. I got the chance to tell 73 other businesses what it was I did, I helped 3 other firms with invoice payments queries at the meeting and I am following up with another two next week.  Lovely as always to speak to Laura Brown, I hadn’t realised we were both so musical. Sam Marshall and I had a great chat about how to get the most out of such a big meeting, thanks Sam and then John Fowler, thank you for looking at my car.  It just shows the breadth of talent there is in the business community and no-one’s skills can be explained in 20 seconds, that is just to get the 10 minutes booked.

Once I had talked to most of the people I wanted to, got some booked in for the next day and other follow ups scheduled for next week, it was time to head to Weston Super Mare 2015-04-14 15.06.55for lunch and the pier walk, the next social element of the trip.  I had already arranged with Brad Burton that I would be collecting Mini Brad at the breakfast to bring on tour to the north west. What Big Brad hadn’t realised was how many antics little Brad would get up whilst travelling here.  Daily updates are being posted on my company facebook page, so click here and take a look at what he’s been up to.

Wednesday breakfast saw me Group Lead Bristol Cribbs Breakfast. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for the breakfast options as it was being held in a Mexican Restaurant, but apparently they do Full English (regular or large) or Fruit Salad. It was a fabulous meeting with 4 of us having done all 3 meetings and many compliments given on my leadership skills and keeping the meeting to order and time.  Fabulous to actually have a meeting with Kirsty Grimes, amazing lady who has overcome a lot, if you ever get chance I highly recommend getting to know her. Also thanks to Martyn Sloman for the tips we shared about meetings, visitors and raising your company profile and to Ed Kenworthy for our conversation about tying in exercise with company promotion.

We then headed to the Isle of Wight to meet up with my Parent-in-laws and help them do the very difficult job of clearing out Grandma’s house. They really appreciate our support, it made the job slightly easier and also gave them a chance to spend some time with both of us. We had some lovely meals out together and all agreed Grandma is now in the best place for her. At 94 she had done well to stay in her own house so long, but the time had come when she needed the specialist care of a nursing home.

The beautiful thing about running your own business is that you can mix business with pleasure. You can change your plans to accommodate requests for help from family, but most important of all, you get to chose which 16 hours a day you work and as it’s a Saturday, you can probably tell I am catching up from all the none work time last week.

I hope you all had a fabulous week too and look forward to reading your comments on my 650 miles+ trip!


4 thoughts on “What a week, 650+ Miles, loads of business and some family time too

  1. Like your Blog and it was great to be able to spend quality time with you before and after the #4nseasideWSM leg. So you I hope on the next one I do.

  2. Thanks for the name check & picture Rachael, although the image was ammunition for my wife to point out I’m on my phone too much! I really enjoyed the seaside tour & have had a good few requests for quotes because of it, but the beautiful part of this story is they’ve all been referals given via people I met on tour…4N really does work. Hope to see you again soon MGx

    • Awesome, this is why tours work. When you coming to my neck of the woods Mad Gareth? P.S. Sorry to get you in trouble with the wife (nature of the game though, I get in trouble with the husband all the time)!

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