BBC Radio 2, a thrilling adventure

RadioWhat an amazing experience. Yesterday 2 networking contacts who listen to Radio 2 called me at the same time, obviously one left a voice mail since I can’t take 2 calls at the same time, saying the same thing….

“Do you listen to Radio 2? If not turn it on now Jeremy Vine is talking about small businesses not getting paid, you need to get on THAT show.”

So I googled BBC Radio 2, clicked “Listen Now” and heard their expert Nick Brown, discussing how the best way to get payment is to be proactive. Exactly what I say.

So how do I get onto the show? There were so many options, facebook, twitter, email, text or the good old fashioned phone call. After pondering for a few seconds I decided collecting payments is about the good old fashioned phone call so that is what I did.

Nervous as anything (I’m not sure why) I dialled the number and the phone was promptly answered by a gentleman who simply said “What’s your problem with getting paid?” I responded, “I don’t have one, I train people not to have one.” “How do you do that?” he asked.

“Stop being British” was my response. “OK I’ll put you through to Jeremy, please hold.”

“Hello is it Rachael, Jeremy here” I’d nearly made it onto the show. Now I had a brief chat with Jeremy who liked what I said so I had to hold for another song, then he would introduce me. I confirmed their were no radios on in my room, I wasn’t on hands free and the office was quiet.

To hear the 2minutes of wisdom I shared with all listeners of Jeremy Vine’s show on April 23rd 2015, just click here.

Whilst I was on the show, my mobile indicated I had a text. It was my lovely PA Miss Make It Happen and simply read “check out twitter”.   It was so busy, people I didn’t know were tweeting about me being on Radio 2, I had had no chance to warn anyone I was going but so many people I knew were commenting about it.

Even now over a day later I’ve just received this tweet from Just listened to on earlier this week, safe to say she smashed it ;-)”

I am so honoured to have friends such as Jen Hinds and Daniel Bennett who thought of me when they heard what the next 30mins of the show would be about and gave me those initial head up calls.

Also to the many messages of support I have received on Twitter, Facebook, email, phone calls and even text messages from numbers I don’t recognise. Not to forget the 4Networking form thread, without 4Networking I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

So a massive thank you to everyone in the network who knows of me.

5 thoughts on “BBC Radio 2, a thrilling adventure

    • My pleasure Nick, my passion is helping small business owners realise getting paid on time is easy and about brand awareness and customer service, not demanding payment and a call to be dreaded. This is why I run 2 hour workshops to help as many businesses as possible.
      I look forward to hearing more from you on how small businesses can compete in this current climate.

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