Why go networking?

What’s it all about?

NetworkingI’ve attended 120 4Networking meetings since joining in March 2014. I’ve got a small amount of business from in the room, as you could potentially too, but what I’ve got most is strength.

What do I mean by strength?


Learning about YOU.

The last Macclesfield 4Networking meeting I attended the wonderful Jo Howarth from the Happiness Club talked about “Jo will share why she does what she does and why she chooses happiness every single day.”

Now you may think, why would I want to listen to that, what will I get from it?

Well for me I learnt that not only am I doing my best & I’ve always been doing my best but so is everyone around me.  Even if their best doesn’t seem to be in line with, or up to my perceptions of what their best could be, they are doing their best so I don’t need to concern myself with what they are doing, thinking, feeling or how their actions affect me.
It’s just their best and continuing to do my best and handling them at their best, this is making my best better.

Learning about writing

A couple of weeks ago at Knutsford 4Networking meeting, we had a talk from Gavin Prideaux-Williams of APS Legal North Wales about “Gavin will show you how to go from Zero to Hero Expert Author status in easy, simple steps. Guaranteed to raise your online profile. ” His talk really inspired me as he made writing a book sound so simple. This coupled with a Google Hangout I had seen the previous week inspired me to get on with it.
Subsequently I have just sent my first ebook over for proof reading. I am sure it is going to come back with many suggested amendments and won’t be finalised for a couple of week, but thanks to the networking knowledge sharing, I have written it.

Insurance Cover

You can pick up some really useful tips to ensure you have the right cover both personally and professionally.  At 4Networking Wilmslow, I took away from Terry Lowrie-Hertz of This Insures, talk about ” The 10 Tips (and more) to Buying Insurance online” the fact that you can easily underestimate the level of cover you need. No I’m not talking IT equipment or designer dresses, for me it was how much would it cost if I had to replace all the certificates I have collated in my Family History Research? Something I had never thought about before, but when I worked it out it really is astonishing, it’s in the thousands! I better get them insured. What don’t you have insured that you should have?

Overcoming nerves

The lovely Heather Phoenix of Phoenix Voice, with whom I am doing a workshop on June 19th, through her talk entitled “My afternoon on the floor with David Jason.…” inspired 4Networking Stockport to think about how they handled speaking or uncomfortable situations. Most people, myself included would normally try to calm themselves down by taking deep breathes, what we learnt from this truly fascinating talk, was in fact the best thing to do is breathe out. That way all the excess air you’ve taken that you don’t need is expunged and you only take in through your nose the amount of air you actually need.

So what could you get from Networking?

Hopefully my stories above have shown that networking, although yes it can be about sales, it shouldn’t only be about sales. There is so much to learn and so much knowledge shared at networking events, that the cost is minimal when you consider the support and advice that is freely given at these events.

If I hadn’t attended networking events, I wouldn’t have got on the Jeremy Vines show or be meeting Nick Brown this week for a chat at The Business Networking Show. You can read how networking got me this national coverage here.  I wouldn’t have had half the inspiration for moving my business forward, or realised that the new packages I now offer were needed by businesses.  Also personally my belief in myself, learning to handle situations in a more positive way and the friendship I have formed have been amazingly powerful.
If you think you will get nothing out of networking, you won’t. If you go into networking thinking “I wonder what I will learn today”, every time you go you will come away with something new. So what is stopping you? 4Networking will work for anyone with an open mind a desire to succeed.


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