Social media, friends and meetings?

How can you use social media not to sell? Why should you use social media not to sell but to build up relationships?

There are so many article out there on this, that I’m not going to answer those questions, I am sure you all know how to use search engines, however I will say social media is an impressive administration tool.

I recently tweeted that my day brilliant due to the entries I had in my diary which was around meetings and copied in all 3 of the people I was meeting in my tweet. 1 retweeted and let people know they were meeting me, 1 texted to say “Have we got a meeting today? I saw your tweet” that was followed by “Thanks for reminding me I forgot to put it in my diary, see you then!” and the 3rd wrote back and within the conversation we agreed a mutually convenient time for the call I wanted to have with them.

So I haven’t used twitter to sell, just to raise my profile and confirm meetings with people I consider my friends. All 3 meetings could potentially lead to sales, so although I’m not selling, I am (if you see what I mean).

This brought me onto thinking about setting up in business with friends. How does it work? I set up by myself, but thought I’d see what I could find for those of you thinking about setting up in business and I found this article on The Guardian website written by Frances Dickens, CEO of Astus comparing starting a business with a friend to marrying them.

If you are thinking of starting a business with a friend, I suggest you take a read.

If you have a business meeting with a friend, it doesn’t hurt to remind them via social media, it’s there to be used.

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